May Day




"UNITED" because we are all facing the same problems (worse working conditions, inequality, racism, etc) and the same enemies: globalized capitalism. Since the 90's we saw liberal offensive which try step by step in all our countries to crush resistances of the workers. For instance, Laboratory of this destruction was in Poland and has continued in Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece... And recently France with the same reform of the labor laws, the same bad recipe. Less rights for the workers, decrease of the salaries of the workers, decrease of the pensions, more privileges for the bosses, privatization, cuts and  austerity. As we are in Greece, we have to remind some things: we won't pay their so-called crisis; we won't let the workers carry the guilt.

That is why we are organized in the red and black coordination.  We met each other this weekend in Athens, Greece, to put all our experiences in common in order to learn from one each other and strengthen our positions against global capitalism.

 Self-organization and constant fighting is the key to first and survive, and then to dream and built a new world without classes and without states. Because we already know capitalism leads to disaster. 

 We don't come from nothing.  Our heritage (the struggle of the past) the anarchosyndicalism help us to understand that is impossible to reform this system based on sufferings for the workers, divisions between workers.

Nevertheless, we have to defend the victories we have gained by struggle in this system. We have to organize ourselves by our weapons: strikes, occupations and solidarity between each other and towards the migrants from other parts of the world who deal also with capitalism and lacks of freedom. People could say that is utopia but human being can not live without dreams and utopia. So let's built a new wolrd together.





Since long time the Kurdish people are fighting for the right to their own language, land, tradition and for the right to self-determination, against various powerful enemies.

 Now they are facing aggressive enemies that have taken the war to their territory and try to take the town of Kobané by the Turkish border. The resistance of the Kurds is being impressive and shows a great courage and determination. The fight is not only about staying alive, it is also about defending the revolution going on in the 3 areas of Rojava, and the future of this people on the basis of interethnic  inter-religious and inter-linguistic solidarity.

Apart from Kurdish forces other subjects resist in Kobané. In  that sense this struggle concerns the RBC, a network of libertarian unions that aims to coordinate and promote the unity of the workers in their struggle for their rights and freedom.
The RBC wishes to send its solidarity to the people that resist in Kobané and to call for international solidarity actions.
        People united will never be defeated!!!.

To the families, friends and comrades of the missing Normalista students of Ayotzinapa and the comrades that support the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle

We support your actions against those responsible for the murders and disappearances, and your demand that the 43 missing Normalistas students get back alive.

The Red and black coordination supports the individuals and organisations that fight against repression, in favor of solidarity in Mexico as well as in the rest of the world.

As anarcho-syndicalists and revolutionary syndicalists we declare that no state or repressive system can break our spirit. We are millions who fight for direct democracy and social justice, who are ready to render mutual aid in order to resist and move forward.

We are not going to rest until we bring down not the people but the capitalist system.

The were taken alive and alive we want them back!


Comunicado de Prensa


Comunicado de Prensa


Agrupados en la Coordinadora Rojinegra, varias organizaciones anarcosindicalistas europeas se reúnen los próximos 25 y 26 de octubre en Madrid. Al encuentro, que se realiza anualmente, han confirmado la asistencia las organizaciones sindicales: CNT-f de Francia, ESE de Grecia, USI de Italia, IP de Polonia, AWU de Ucrania, SAC de Suecia y CGT y SO de España,


En el orden del día, está previsto que cada organización haga un repaso de la actuación que ha llevado a cabo en el último año, así como avanzar en la concreción de campañas conjuntas, como el 1º de mayo, la Autogestión o contra El Acuerdo Transatlántico de Libre Comercio e Inversión,  la represión y también la puesta en funcionamiento de una página web común.


Las organizaciones que componen la Coordinadora Rojinegra mantienen un contacto habitual y se coordinan para realizar campañas de solidaridad mutua entre los distintos sindicatos cuando existe un conflicto o un tema común.


El día 25 de Octubre a las 19:00 horas en el Ateneo Libertario de Hortaleza (Calle Santa Susana, 55, Metro Parque de Santa María) CGT y Solidaridad Obrera han organizado un acto público en el que participarán las organizaciones sindicales que componen la Coordinadora Roja y Negra en el que se debatirá sobre la represión y otros asuntos de actualidad desde el punto de vista sindical y la lucha social.