"UNITED" because we are all facing the same problems (worse working conditions, inequality, racism, etc) and the same enemies: globalized capitalism. Since the 90's we saw liberal offensive which try step by step in all our countries to crush resistances of the workers. For instance, Laboratory of this destruction was in Poland and has continued in Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece... And recently France with the same reform of the labor laws, the same bad recipe. Less rights for the workers, decrease of the salaries of the workers, decrease of the pensions, more privileges for the bosses, privatization, cuts and  austerity. As we are in Greece, we have to remind some things: we won't pay their so-called crisis; we won't let the workers carry the guilt.

That is why we are organized in the red and black coordination.  We met each other this weekend in Athens, Greece, to put all our experiences in common in order to learn from one each other and strengthen our positions against global capitalism.

 Self-organization and constant fighting is the key to first and survive, and then to dream and built a new world without classes and without states. Because we already know capitalism leads to disaster. 

 We don't come from nothing.  Our heritage (the struggle of the past) the anarchosyndicalism help us to understand that is impossible to reform this system based on sufferings for the workers, divisions between workers.

Nevertheless, we have to defend the victories we have gained by struggle in this system. We have to organize ourselves by our weapons: strikes, occupations and solidarity between each other and towards the migrants from other parts of the world who deal also with capitalism and lacks of freedom. People could say that is utopia but human being can not live without dreams and utopia. So let's built a new wolrd together.